Gibraltar and Tanger trip

These past weeks I have done a lot of fun stuff and I’m here to tell you about it.

I have been on the Boat for three months now and I’m enjoying myself a lot.

One of the best things we have done is going to the monkeys in Gibraltar we had a great view up on the mountain. The first day we were with the monkeys and saw around the mountain we also went to an ice cream shop to buy ice cream. The second day me and my teacher Bjarne went to the world war 2 tunnels inside the mountain in Gibraltar. It was very cool that they managed to build the tunnels and live there. On the tour we were told that they were a lot of soldiers that helped build the tunnels and the rooms in there. The tunnel is ca 52 km.  

It was a fun time there and we met a lot of people. After a phew days in Gibraltar we decided to leave for Las Palmas.

 I was seasick and sleeping so I did not experience the first hour of sailing. When I woke up, we had problems with the hydraulics of the sail and could not bring the main sail up. Because of the main sail not going up we went to Tanger, but before we got there our engine broke and we could not start it. We were 3 nautical miles away from land and and drifting closer. We ended up with calling pan pan on the radio and we fired some flares. It was 21:30 when we were were toed.

While in Tanger we walked around the city and had dinner at a restaurant. We could not fix the engine, but we found a way to use the sails manually. Then we left for Las Palmas. The trip was 6 days in total the first day it was wind still for 6 hours and after that we sailed. The next two days nothing much happened I was seasick, and I tried fishing. On day 4 I was used to the boat and I watched Hobbit an unexpected journey. On that trip nothing interesting happed until the last day we herd some sound from the fishing rod it was a fish I ran up the stairs and was waiting until the fish was tired so I could reel it in, but the steel wire snapped and the fish got away. Now I’m leaving for Norway to meet my friends and family.  While we are in Norway the boat is being fixed.         


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