Back to the boat from China

The boat is currently in Mallorca. We are planning to sail to Ibiza soon. The teacher, Bjarne is coming to the boat soon so Ican start school. It has been very fun on the boat so far and I hope it’s going to be like this for the next 2 to 3 years.

Sailing to Mallorca

I have been on the boat for three weeks now, before that I was in China with my mother in  these three weeks we have done abit sailing. We sailed from Barcelona to Mallorca. It was a fun trip with not a lot of waves. When we where in Mallorca we anchored up in the bay close Porto Portals. In the bay there is a beautiful beach with very soft sand. We have tried the Seabob that my father/the skipper bought, and it was a lot of fun to use.

Me on the SeaBob

My brother was also on the boat his name is Christopher but I call him Chris. We had a lot fun together but he has to go back to Canada to play in a soccer tournament. Now we’re waiting until the boat is fixed so we can sail to Ibiza. In Ibiza we might meet some friends that helped us fix the boat there names is Chris,Rose,Thomas and Kate. We also got someone else to help us with the boat until Bjarne arrives, her name is Nicole and she is very nice. 

We have been to Palma cathedral and it was very nice and super big. We also had lunch there i ordered some water and ate some pizza that my sister Sarah ordered. The pizza was delicious. After eating we went for a walk while the girls were shopping. When we got tired we stopped to eat. We ordered mussels and ice cream. Then we met up with the others.

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