We are on our way

On anchor in Formentera

We are finally on our way towards Las Palmas. Everyone is onboard and the boat is working, almost. We are going to have Navico change some faulty equipment along the way. Our radar and autopilots aren’t working and this must be fixed before we sail from Gibraltar to Las Palmas.

We have been on anchor for the past month and tested most parts of the boat. Laundry is working well, the new cooktop and stove which is electric and not using gas is a success and the coffee machine is great! Life is good.

We have good routines on the watermaker, how to fix it and what maintenance schedule we must keep. The same is true for the generator. Our batteries are working well, the solar panels are charging at about 800 to 1000w during midday and the hydro generator is charging while sailing.

Daily life is soaking in and the pace has slowed down considerably. We go to new places and everyone is finally relaxing. Homeschooling is up for a slow start and new routines for the kids are going to be set.

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