My first blog

Hi, my name is Stephen I am currently 11 turning 12 years old soon, born on the 31st of July 2007. I’m here to introduce you to the boats blog where I will be writing about our adventures on the boat. The thing I look most forward is the beaches and swimming.

The best part about swimming in the ocean is that we have a lot of cool water toys.  

On the boat there is a family of four there are two children named Stephen and Sarah. The father is Thomas the skipper of the boat and the mother is Silvania. There is also a teacher/ sailer named Bjarne. On the boat we have a lot of fun, we go to beautiful beaches and island like the islands in the Caribbean and many others like that. The boat is in Barcelona getting fixed. We leave Barcelona 25 of July 2019. We have had some problems with the boat. It’s a pretty good boat with a lot of memories. The boat is a Hanse 588 that we bought 2017 in Germany. Inside the boat we have 4 cabins 2 sofas downstairs, and one at each side upstairs. We also have one dinner table inside and 2 outside and, in the kitchen, we have one dishwasher one electrical stove and an oven. It’s usually pretty nice sailing with small waves and some wind.

At night there is a beautiful sky with a clear view of the stars.

When we anchor up, we swim a lot and sunbathe, and I go snorkeling sometimes.

The oceans/ seas are clear and there were a lot of fish and sea animals there. The best thing about the boat is that we can go to different countries and experience different cultures.

We are planning to go to Las Palmas, Cap Verde, Caribbean, Eastern Islands and the French Polynesia.

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